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Mercedes Rear Entertainment Systems Rosen AV7500 DVD Headrests

Mercedes C Class, E Class,  G Class, GL Class, GLK Class, M Class, ML Class, R Class And S Class Sophisticated Luxury After-Market Rosen Factory Fit Rear Seat DVD Entertainment OEM Specifications Matching Your Mercedes Vehicle Interior, Colour And Trim.

Mercedes GL450 Rosen After-Market DVD Headrest System

Mercedes Luxury Rosen Rear Seat Headrests DVD Systems

Welcome to Parkmyauto Ltd and thank you for viewing these fantastic Rosen rear seat DVD entertainment mercedes specific factory replacement dual DVD headrests for rear seat entertainment purposes.

Mercedes After-Market Rosen AV7500 Twin DVD Headrest Kits

These fantastic after-market Rosen twin DVD headrests systems are available in certain colours and for active/non active SRS headrests for the following Mercedes vehicles:-

Mercedes C300 & Mercedes C350 (2008 – 2010).
Mercedes E350 & Mercedes E550 (2010).
Mercedes G500 (2007 – 2010).
Mercedes GL350 & Mercedes GL450 & Mercedes GL550 (2007 – 2010) – SRS Headrests.
Mercedes GLK350 (2009 -2010).
Mercedes M350 & Mercedes M450 & Mercedes M550 (2007 – 2010).
Mercedes ML350 & Mercedes ML500 (2006 Models) – Non Active SRS Headrests.
Mercedes ML350 & Mercedes ML500 (2007 – 2010) – With Active SRS Headrests.
Mercedes R350 & Mercedes R500 (2006 Models) – Non Active Headrests.
Mercedes R320 & Mercedes R350 (2007 – 2010) – With Active SRS Headrests.
Mercedes S550 (2007 – 2010) – With Active SRS Headrests.
Mercedes S63 AMG & Mercedes S65 AMG (2008 – 2010).

Please check here to see if your own vehicle style and colour is listed.

Executive Rear Seat DVD Headrest Entertainment – Local Installation

If you are not looking to break the bank but you are wanting an executive top of the range after market rear seat DVD headrest solution with an on your doorstep supply and local installation service then look no further than these mercedes vehicle specific rosen twin DVD in-car entertainment systems.

Although we are based in Edinburgh in Scotland, we provide an on your doorstep nationwide replacement Car Roof Mounted or Car DVD headrest installation and fitting service which means you don’t have to move a muscle. Whatever your budget and your individual requirements we have a solution to match your car and it’s interior – Wonderfully relaxed parents and very happy, quiet and peaceful children – well done Mum and Dad!

If you feel like a day trip or overnight stay in the beautiful city of Edinburgh whilst we install your choice of car DVD Roof Mounted Or Replacement Headrest system, our premises are situated no more than a 3 minute walk from the fabulous Ocean Terminal shopping centre and the world-famous tourist attraction of the Queen’s Royal Britannia Yacht berthed in Edinburgh’s Leith docks.

My name is Russell and I absolutely love answering your individual questions and finding the very best Car DVD Headrest Products or Car DVD Roof Mounted Monitor at the right price for your car. I have been specialising in-car DVD headrest solutions for the last 11 years and believe that I offer the widest service choice available in the UK.

Free And Friendly Advice

My advice is free and friendly, so please give me a ring: 0131 555 7040

Twin (Dual) DVD Players With Built In Games

With no need to install a separate DVD player or loose the look of your wonderful Mercedes interior, these very clever, innovative and brand new Rosen Dual Game AV7500 OEM lexus interior specific replacement headrests incorporate an individual DVD player already built into each of the headrests. When we install this system into your much-loved vehicle, we set up one of the DVD headrest as a “Master” DVD player and link this to the 2nd monitor so that you will have the same movie playing on both monitors if you choose.

Built To The Highest Motor Vehicle Safety Standards – As You Would Expect

These Mercedes Rosen headrest kits are built to the highest US standards with all headrests and mounting pods meeting or exceeding all current US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 201, 202, 302) and are available for a wide range of UK cars including Audi Q5 & Q7BMW X3, X5 & X6, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Porsche  Range Rover & Land Rover Discovery, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, VW & Volvo.

Mercedes C Class Rosen After-Market Twin DVD Headrests Kit

Stylish Design To Match Your Mercedes Vehicles Interior

The stylish design of these headrests will completely compliment the aesthetics of your car. They come in matching colours and trims for a number of Mercedes UK models with more models being added as you read this. They incorporate a unique movement for adjusting the viewing angle of the screen depending on the size of your children.

Alternative Style & Colour Of Interior – Re-Trimming Options

If you have an autographed vehicle with your own individual choice of leather and executive trimming, it is possible for us to have these mercedes rosen after-market kits re-trimmed at an additional cost – please ring us should you wish to discuss this option on 0131 555 7040.

What Do I Get With This Package

These fabulous systems include: 2 Rosen AV7500 replacement headrests with dual DVD players, 2 x wireless headphones and 2 x wireless games controllers. The rosen system also incorporates an AV (audio video) input if you should wish to expand the system and add-on on a PS2 or Digital TV tuner. The screens incorporate an angle adjustment facility depending on the size of your children and can provide sound via the car radio speakers (at the touch of a button) if you all want to listen into what the kids are watching.

Active Safety Restraint (SRS) Headrests

If your Mercedes vehicle has the safety restraint active headrest system installed then you may want to consider an alternative to these Rosen active SRS kits, You can find out more about this feature and alternative systems here.

Rosen Headrest Entertainment For Life

Having purchased your fabulous Mercedes after-market rosen headrest kit, you may be able to take this with you when you come to change your car. As long as we can get you exact matching replacement rosen headrests for your new vehicle, we can swap out the DVD mechanisms and put these into your new car at a vastly reduced cost to your original purchase price. If we cannot match your new cars headrests and you decide to remove the rosen’s to sell them (say on eBay), we can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with what you will get’ back for them.

Mercedes Rosen Rear Seat Entertainment AV7500 Replacement Headrest Monitor features:

  • Factory Color Match Upholstery matches grain, sheen, stitching, shape and colour
  • 7″ 16:9 Aspect Ratio Wide screen TFT Display screen
  • Dual Integrated DVD Player
  • Carbon Steel chrome plated posts for factory match
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Infrared Stereo Transmitter for included Wireless Headphones
  • Cable runs through hollow headrest s posts
  • Full tilting headrests
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) – Adjust TV, AV1, AV2, Channel, Color, Tint, Brightness, Contrast, and Volume Power
  • Dual A/V inputs
  • Meets all required Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Built in (25) 16-bit video games with wireless game controller
  • Full front mounted controls
  • Concealed integrated video input jack
  • Full vehicle warranty period
  • Screen Size: 7″Resolution: 1440 x 234
  • Brightness Rating (Nits): 300
  • Viewing Angle: 60° Left / Right, 50° Up, 60° Down
  • PAL / NTSC Switchable: Yes
  • Built-in Dual DVD Player: Yes
  • Pixels: 336,960
  • On-screen Display (OSD): Yes
  • Built-in IR Transmitter: Yes
  • Wireless Remote Control: Yes
  • Inputs: AVI / AVI2
  • 2 x Wireless Headphones: included
  • 2 x 16 Bit Games Controllers

We hope you found this information helpful, if you have any queries in relation to your own vehicle, please feel free to get in touch:- (0131 555 7040).

Your Custom Is The Reason We Are Here Thank You.

  1. Courtney Robinson
    February 26, 2011 at 12:40 am


    I’m located in New Jersey, and was interested in your product. I have a 2008 Infiniti FX, and would like a headrest set-up like the Mercedes set-up you have pictured. I was writing to find out the possibility of getting your product here in the united states, and also what would be the pricing.


    • March 26, 2011 at 9:57 am

      Good day to you Courtney and thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

      Good day to you Courtney and thank you for taking the time to email me.

      I am not entirely sure if we can make them just for you to then attach them to the back of your headrests, If you can confirm that you have the SRS safety headrests and can provide a couple of pictures of your headrests I can check for you.

      We generally get our customers to remove them and send them to us we then supply and fit the monitors and put the cables inside the headrests pole for neatness, include a couple of wireless headphones and then send them back to you. Each monitor has 2 x AV inputs so you then decide which AV sources to use ie PS2, PS3, DVD Changer, TV tuner, etc.

      Kindest regards

      Russell parkmyauto@btconnect.com

  2. Marcia Collins
    June 12, 2011 at 2:38 am

    Just purchased a 2007 Mercedes R 350 with tan interior I would like to know more and pricing for 2 headrests.
    I live in DFW area in U.S.

    Thank you
    Marcia Collins

    • June 12, 2011 at 10:54 am

      A very good day to you Marcia and thank you for taking your time to get in touch with me.

      With regards to you new vehicle, you do have a couple of options to adding rear seat entertainment.

      I would assume that your vehicle has the SRS safety headrests system installed (hard plastic cover on the back of your headrests), so there are two options/things to consider:_

      Option One


      These Rosen AV7700 piggy back pods are not to everybody’s taste but they do offer a lot for your money and they can be taken with you when you change cars in the future.

      Option Two

      Our professional fit option:-


      This is a very smart system as we build little pods that attach to your existing headrests so they match your leather interior, you then have to add an AV source such as a 6 disc DVD changer or PS3 which would be hidden in the boot of your vehicle.

      The only problem with this system is we would need you to send your headrests to us so that we can fit the pods and then send them back to you. This would mean that you cannot drive your vehicle until we return them unless you have a local electrical engineer that can put a couple of resistors onto the SRS plugs at the back of your seats to stop the air bag warning lights activating – sorry if this is a bit technical.

      Please let me know what your thoughts are.

      Your very good health and kindest regards

      Russell (0044 131 555 7040)


      My New Blog: https://parkmyauto.wordpress.com/

  3. Anna
    April 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm


    I have a rear screen that needs to be replaced the no is B67826657, do you have one?

  1. May 26, 2011 at 8:35 am

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